Lock down, Low Down on the Isle of Wight

Submitted by: Tim B.

Original Song

The Covid 19 Lockdown has led to lows and of course Highs. Living on the Isle of Wight and isolated from the mainland (North Island), we experience both. This song which was partly written a year ago to reflect how we were all feeling was completed today 23rd March 2021 one year on from the first UK Lockdown. I love the song -its basically three chords and was inspired by the Boz Scaggs song ‘Low down’. BB Bango, pseudonym of Tim Bristow, played all the instruments (as The Espada Rolls Band) recorded and edited it all. Vocals were partly samples partly family members singing and edited. This song is was one of those I never get bored of. Give it a listen, it’ll grow on you. If you watch the video on YouTube the images show the Isle of Wight.

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