About A Song for Us

A national music project marking this historic time, A Song for Us celebrates our communities and the power of music to bring us together.

Conceived and produced by Sound UK, A Song for Us uses music to bear testimony to a time like no other. A Song for Us is a collection of music that encapsulates the wide range of experiences and emotions we are living through. It reminds us of the positives, celebrates those to who we owe so much and bears witness to people’s losses and struggles. We want this to bring artists and communities together despite being apart. To create a musical time capsule of what we all desperately hope will be a once in a generation event.

Leading singer-songwriters and composers have been commissioned by Sound UK and local partners to create new songs. Inspired by the people of our counties, each song is performed by local choirs and ensembles. Due to current restrictions each song will be recorded live remotely and edited together as an online film. The first songs in this project were streamed online on 23 March 2021 at the asongorus.org homepage.

A Song for Us will expand across the country, with more County Songs to be announced in Summer 2021.

We want the public to help build a music map of the country for this historic time. Anyone can do this by sharing a favourite track or creating their own song that holds special meaning.

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About Sound UK

Founded in 2001, Sound UK produces and commissions extraordinary musical encounters in venues from national concert halls to village greens. We work with the world’s most creative artists to create memorable performances that excite and move audiences across the country and beyond.

Find out more about our work at www.sounduk.net.

Produced and funded by

Conceived by Sound UK. Produced in partnership with Junction Goole, Higher Rhythm, Bristol Music Trust, Exeter Phoenix, Beaford Arts, Villages in Action, Carn to Cove, Hall for Cornwall and intoBodmin. Supported by Arts Council England and RVW Trust.


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