The Lord's Prayer, melody by Greg Moore, arranged by Stephen Bartlet-Jones

Submitted by: Greg M.

Original Song

When our church closed in March 2020 one of the parishioners set up virtual services online and they continue while the church is closed.
Each service has an original piece of music or poem or arrangement. This was felt to be important to make the services fresh and original.
There is a Lord’s Prayer every week and I composed a melody for it in October. Stephen Bartlet-Jones then made an arrangement of it and we tidied it up between us to create a youtube version that has been used 4 times now on our virtual services.
The calligraphy is by a 90 year old neighbour and the artwork is by my 17 year old son.
While the tune is simple and repeatable, the way that Stephen brought it to life with his arrangement was amazing, and I really enjoyed the collaborative process in lockdown.
Thank you

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