Rondo For Tuba (for organ) by Simon Mold. Played by David Cowen

Submitted by: Simon M.

Original Song

Orchestras have not been able to meet and perform during long periods of the Covid lockdown, but organists, generally socially distanced round a corner or up a winding stairway, have often still been able to play. So I thought I would write a loud jolly piece for organ that would attempt to sweep away some of the lockdown blues and hopefully herald the time when we will be living more normal lives again.

A rondo is a tune that keeps coming back round again like a familiar friend (or a bad penny, if the tune is an irritating one – with luck mine isn’t)!. I am lucky to have been able to call upon the expertise of David Cowen, who has recorded a performance of my Rondo at the organ of the Cathedral in Leicester, a city that has shouldered more than its fair share of lockdown restrictions.

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