If · Iestyn Davies · Michael Nyman (arr. Richard Boothby)

Submitted by: Colin P.

Georgia Mann played this track on the BBC Radio 3 Breakfast programme during the summer of 2020.
It cut through the air of my wakeful, fearful, thoughtful fog and my first tear for months appeared. The song’s purity and innocence just spoke to me in the beautiful summer morning light.

Then Georgia announced that it was based on the poem written by Anne Frank and the floodgates opened wide. I wept for the loss of Anne’s potential, her family and the horror of those slaughtered in the Holocaust. I wept for those that survived and who live with that horror on a daily basis. I wept for our elderly parents who survived WW2 and I wept for us in the current situation.

The power of Music to speak to us at any and every level is one of our greatest gifts.

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