'I Want To Go Outside Again (Let's All Dream)' by Anita Gabrielle

Submitted by: Anita G.

Original Song

‘I Want To Go Outside Again (Let’s All Dream)’ started as a song about dealing with the virus and the anxiety it has provoked. Written during the first lockdown, it speaks of my longing to go outside and do ordinary things – and that feeling has grown for me the more time has gone on. How precious ordinary things seem to me these days! At the end, the song speaks about my hopes that we might gain from all these difficulties:
‘And when this is behind us let’s ring all the bells
To herald all the people who filled up all the shelves
And the Doctors and the Nurses in our HNS
Will get paid what they’re worth
Nothing more, nothing less!
The artist’s will write us some beautiful songs
With a sing along chorus so we can all sing along!
OOoooooo – let’s all dream!’

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