God Bless the NHS#2 Mark Handley & the Bone Idols

Submitted by: Mark H.

Original Song

“God Bless the NHS” was originally written and released in 2016. It is a Protest Song against the privatisation of the UK’s National Health Service. “God Bless the NHS # 2” is a 2020 recording, with an upbeat reggae vibe and new verses written especially to say a “BIG thank you” to the Doctors, Nurses and all those working in the Health Service for their hard work and dedication during the Corona virus pandemic. The music video acknowledges how UK citizens would stand outside their homes at 8 O’clock every Thursday evening during the first lockdown to clap and applaud them. God Bless the NHS#3 has actually been written but not yet recorded …. The new updated take on the song very much berates the UK government for not giving the NHS staff the pay rise they most certainly deserve,

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