Glorious Love. JD Feat. Matthew James Palfreman

Submitted by: John D.

Original Song

As I listen to this emotional track again in 2021, I always remember all those who have passed over, and still through finding a sense of sharing a glorious love, they still remain. I originally wrote and produced this when my sister died and today, as I view the world and the incredible sadness. It still offers some hope now as it did then when I wrote it.

Why is it symbolic – there will be many going through the same process sadly. The grief recovery process. I feel today, it’s so relevant for all the families of the many friends, doctors, nurses, people who I don’t know. Famous celebrities. Wonderful selfless individuals like Sir Tom Moore, who all tragically passed away. I hope it can offer all those enduring grief, a sense of someone special returning whenever they are remembered.

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