Everything (Promise Me) by One Cure for Man

Submitted by: James P.

Original Song

My new song “Everything” looks deep into the idea of an internal voice that wonders, acts on creativity and reflects on the world around. Avoiding, conformity, false consistency and allowing yourself to follow your own instincts and path. Hopefully, bringing positivity and humility rather than destruction and chaos, as everything is not as it seems.
RGM magazine wrote this: “When people’s patience is frayed and now more than ever people are struggling, we could all spend more time looking inwards.”
I wanted my children in the video to reflect the current situation (the claustrophobia) and my brother, Ben is on drums. Snippets of my late father and me as a child are interspersed to show they are following in my footsteps and a moving look back at life and loved ones lost.

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