A Song for Us by Ridgewood Community High School

Submitted by: More M.

Original Song

Commissioned by Sound UK for their A Song For Us project, we ran three songwriting workshops in different settings across Lancashire on the theme of community during the pandemic. More Music worked with children and young people from Stages at More Music, Garstang Primary School and Ridgewood Community High School.

Excited because I didn’t have to go to school,
but lessons in pyjamas that was pretty cool
Lots of zoom meetings, feeling trapped inside
Teachers checking up on us, got nowhere to hide

So much time wasted, so much boredom
Now it’s almost over, I’m feeling relieved.

Feeling very nervous, worried about my family
Wondering if they’re worried about me
Anxious we didn’t get to see our friends
But we’ll be back together when all of this ends.

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