01 Feb 2021

Songwriting tips from Gwenno

We asked musician Gwenno for some songwriting tips to help you get creative. Help create a music map of the country with Your Songs. Share a favourite song, or write your own, that holds special meaning at this time. asongforus.org

  1. Accept your failures, don’t worry about it for too long, and move on as swiftly as you can. It all counts, and all ideas are worth keeping just in case they may be useful at a later stage.
  2. Do a little often. Write down an idea, record a melody line or a sound into your phone. All of these scraps contribute towards the big pile which eventually triggers a Good Idea.
  3. Ignore all of the above and read, watch a film, listen to something old or new. Or just look out the window. Doing ‘nothing’ creates the space for the Good Idea to take root.

Gwenno’s Song for Cornwall premieres 23 March online at asongforus.org.