19 Feb 2021

Songwriting tips from Bucky

We asked Joff from Bucky if he had any tips or words of encouragement for people wanting to create their own song for the music map. This Is The Kit and Bucky’s New Song for Bristol premieres 23 March online at asongforus.org.

I love writing songs, or at least, trying to! Its probably my favourite creative thing to do…I don’t play any instruments with chords/notes and I can’t really sing, so I collaborate with other people to write them (usually my guitar playing / singing bandmate Simon) I’m telling you this to say – if you feel like doing it  – you CAN!…one way or another. It doesn’t have to be GOOD!? (but it might end up that way anyway, or unique and interesting at least!)

And what is a song, officially, anyway?! It can just be something you make up in your head while you do the dishes, or on your walk home from school…

And if you DO play an instrument, but feel daunted by wanting to write lyrics…again remember that a song can be anything, really, and ABOUT anything, too! If the idea of writing a ‘love song’ seems impossible, don’t worry, there are enough of those already! Or maybe write a love song to some/one/thing that you’re

relatively sure no one has written a love song about before (ie broccoli? A weather forecaster?)

Or maybe try writing something about that thing you’re interested in that no one else seems to be…or start just by making a list of something, that’s like some automatic lyrics right there! And sometimes some of the things on your list will rhyme, too! (NOT that it has to rhyme, of course.)

Or hear (or even better, miss-hear!) a stranger on the bus say some striking phrase, and use that as the chorus, or opening line!


sorry, remember I told you, you shouldn’t ask me about songs…

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