04 Jan 2021

Blog: Thoughts and ideas

Find out more about the ideas and thoughts behind A Song For Us from producer, Polly Eldridge. 

During the first lockdown, and news of so many people being affected by the pandemic, I started to imagine their favourite music. How if a track represented them, it would create this incredible collage of songs capturing the different ages, cultures, tastes.

It also struck me how we associate certain music with certain events. Songs that brought people together during world wars, movements or just at special times of the year like Christmas. Music can encompass complicated feelings of sorrow, joy, hope, solidarity.

We wanted to help keep artists working. To continue showing them that they were valued and needed, despite not being able to perform. We hope A Song for Us does all these things. That artists reconnect with people through creating a new work for them. That people come together to share in performing, writing, and hearing their community’s favourite music.