Gavin Bryars – A Song for East Riding

A Song for East Riding: Above Water (A Song for the East Riding, from Goole) by Gavin Bryars, words by Blake Morrison.

Gavin Bryars collaborated with poet Blake Morrison to create a new piece of music to celebrate the character of East Riding. Performed by local ensembles; Armthorpe Elmfield Brass Band and Read’s Warblers.

Gavin Bryars’ Song for East Riding premiered on 30 April 2021, 12.30pm.

ABOUT GAVIN BRYARS: Born in Goole and still a season ticket holder for Goole Town FC, Bryars has continually shunned convention, treading his own distinctive and unique path. Starting as a jazz bassist and pioneer of free improvisation with Derek Bailey and Tony Oxley, he worked with John Cage in the late 60s. Early iconic pieces The Sinking of the Titanic and Jesus Blood Never Failed Me Yet achieved great popular success. Since this time Bryars has composed five operas, a large body of chamber music, several concertos and much vocal music.

He has collaborated with international artists across the spectrum from Merce Cunningham and William Forsyth to Juan Muñoz and Robert Wilson. The Gavin Bryars Ensemble and GB Records continue to document his work. Serene, graceful and achingly beautiful, his music is characterised by a sense of contemplation that is revealed through harmony of underlying depth. Listen to Gavin Bryars’ music below.

Armthorpe Elmfield Band: Armthorpe Elmfield Band was founded by Haydn Griffiths MBE, in 1964 to allow Haydn to focus on teaching and introducing people to the world of brass band music. We are currently in the third section of the Yorkshire Area Brass Band Association, conducted by Ray Kilcoyne, and with over 50 years of rich musical history we are proud to continue in the footsteps of Haydn. Normally, we practice twice a week and play at over 100 engagements a year, however we are grateful for this opportunity to put the band forward with the choir Read’s Warblers, for A Song for Us.

Read’s Warblers: Read’s Warblers Choir was founded 11 years ago by Jennifer Read and is a collection of singing groups based in the Goole area, made up of 120 local people. Read’s Warblers perform regularly in the region, often with guest musicians from musicals, brass bands and opera. Their sell out concerts at Junction are a highlight of the season, and we can’t wait to be able to perform on stage again.

Produced by Sound UK in partnership with Junction Goole.

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