Sunday by Sue Skinner

Submitted by: Sue S.

Original Song

As the pandemic year wore on it became hard to remember what day it was, and what I did yesterday or the day before. The experience of having COVID-19 was frightening yet I was lucky and was not hospitalised.

On yet another rainy day after many, I felt very low, and just decided to sit at the computer and write. I had images of rain, and of hopelessness at first, but remembered my friend’s daily photos of dawn she would send me. So ‘Sunday’ began, and as it progressed I found hope and inspiration, helped by a song on the radio I didn’t know, sung by a beautiful voice.

So I was able to sense the coming of spring, emerging like a bear into bright sunlight after hibernation.

Life is special, life is tenuous but the need to hang on and keep going is my need and it is a universal truth.

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