'Shoddy Lockdown Blues' by Dan Rowlands & Tom Hillenbrand

Submitted by: Tom H.

Original Song

Recorded in January 2021, old The Kildares band-mates Dan Rowlands and Tom Hillenbrand got some of the band back together to make music again after a 33 year hiatus. Dan had posted a video of himself playing an acoustic guitar version of Shoddy Lockdown Blues on FB, 22nd January 2021. Tom then added lyrics, vocals and other instruments. Although the initial source of complaint – not being able to wear a new pair of shoes outside – is trivial, the frustration of being in lockdown and not able to see friends and loved ones is genuine.

The video was made in March 2021, with footage from both Dan and Tom as well as Hannah Curtain, who filmed her son’s hamster. The notion of a hamster stuck in a cage, running around on a wheel seemed to embody what lockdown has felt like for many people.

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