Pots & Pans - "Quaggy" (Joe Walinets)

Submitted by: Joe W.

Original Song

I am an NHS mental health nurse. My own experience of the pandemic often seemed fortunate to me: I felt personally unaffected in the first months. The quiet, the clean air and empty roads to cycle to work were welcome. One year down the road, it feels very different, especially after a member of my team died of COVID.

When people began to appear at their doorsteps on Thursday nights, to make noise and support front line staff and other key-workers, and rainbows began to appear everywhere, I admit to having felt a complex range of feelings. I wrote this song. A friend began helping me with production , however, the lock-down blues made him pull out.

I was remembering “Ring-a-ring of roses”, & wondering what songs might recall the current pandemic, in a few hundred years time.

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