My New Chapter Of Life - Lou Rumi / JJ PARKI

Submitted by: JJ P.

Original Song

I wrote My New Chapter Of Life shortly following the death of my mum at Christmas 2020. It is about the weeks leading up to and the day of her passing. I recognise that her not being here marks a new chapter in the book of life, and how I will carry on without her. In the about section of A Song For Us is written: “It reminds us of the positives, celebrates those to who we owe so much, bears witness to people’s losses and struggles.” – My New Chapter Of Life reminds me of our happy memories, it celebrates the woman that was, and still is, my mum, and highlights how my music collabs have helped me so much during this, still, dark time. My New Chapter Of Life was my first collab of 2021, I now am very happy to have 3 collaborations so far this year. Music heals and continues to help me

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