Rockin' at the back by Michael Thornton

Submitted by: Michael T.

Original Song

What have you done with your hair over lockdown? Decided to let it grow? Taken to cutting it yourself? This song celebrates the combination of the two that both fits the way we have had to live and negates having to deal with those hard to reach places.

I hope that, if nothing else, it gives you a bit of a laugh, something we can all recognise as not unimportant. The cultural references will perhaps appeal more to those who can remember when these things were all the rage (Billy Ray is Miley’s dad) or when we last had a sense of the world changing shape before our eyes. If that isn’t you it’s nothing that 30 seconds on Google or a chat with someone who can won’t fix.

Written lockdown 1, recorded lockdown 2.

(In the interests of full disclosure, I do not myself have a mullet.)

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