Marsh Song for Florence by David Frost

Submitted by: Naomi C.

Original Song

This song was composed by David Frost (aka Granpa Frostie) in May 2020. Florence had written to him to say how sad she was not to spend Easter with him as planned due to lockdown 1 (they are very good buddies!) and he penned her this lament in response.

The song arrived as sheet music which I then arranged to add 3 additional harmonies to complete each chord. I recorded the harmonies and Florence the lead line. After we had recorded it, Florence played the recording to Granpa down the phone. He then shared with us the second verse he had penned after sending the song. Florence subsequently recorded the second verse against the same harmony vocals from verse one, hence the change in sound quality from verses one to two.

Granpa doesn’t have internet access so I am submitting it for him.

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