Song Title - Lockdown Artist's Name - Protocol:M

Submitted by: Colin M.

Original Song

This song was written during the early stages of lockdown, and was questioning if we are now living in the dystopian future we always assumed to be a fiction. Some inspiration came from the books Brave New World and, of course, 1984, where our thoughts and movements were being tracked. You could be judged for taking more than the regulation 1 hour exercise walk in the morning, and you had to find alternative ways to entertain yourselves. I finally finished an album a fews weeks ago, and quickly made a video to go with this song when it was released. All self-produced at home. A line from the song “we lose ourselves in any way we can” is symbolic to me, as creating music is one of my ways of filling time constructively, when so many of my usual options have been put on hold.

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