Lockdown by Red As Ruby

Submitted by: Alexandra S.

Original Song

Back in May 2020, feeling isolated from normal life I wrote a lockdown song. To combat the misery of the situation I made it up-tempo and catchy. I decided to create a video to go with it and filmed it in the back garden I was lucky to have with help from the husband and son I was lucky were still healthy. It was fun even in the middle of a heatwave wearing 2 dresses and a panda bear onesie! I asked friends, family and pupils to help me bulk out the video with pictures of themselves wearing masks or sitting in front of a Zoom screen, or videos of them clapping (referencing the NHS doorstep claps) or washing their hands. My song and video reminds me what that time was like, helps me to remember that the people I know are amazing and shows that humour can help, even in hard situations.

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