Lockdown Buzzcut by Leo Whetter & The Judas Project

Submitted by: Leo W.

Original Song

Unable to meet my best mate, Will, under the first lockdown we decided to write a song each. I’d perform on his, and he’d perform on mine. Lockdown Buzzcut was the first result. And I still haven’t been to the barber a year later.

Will’s based in Southsea, and Dave, the drummer, is in The Forest of Dean. This is one lineup of the band we were in 20 years ago, The Black Madonnas, so it scratched the itch of contact with old friends which felt, and still feels, so crucial when we can’t meet in person.

We went on to do another pair of songs and will do a final pair before the pubs reopen and we can share several, long craved for, foaming pints with each other.

There haven’t been many things to celebrate in the past year and this project was a welcome and heartening distraction.

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