Heraclitus written by Angelina Nicolaou and Stephen Bartlet-Jones; sung by Jeff Stewart

Submitted by: Angelina N.

Original Song

This is a collaboration between two work colleagues (two barristers). It sets to music Callimachus’ poem, Herakleitos, together with a reading of William Cory’s equally famous translation, Heraclitus. It was written as a musical tribute for Bill Bendyshe-Brown, who died on Valentine’s Day 2021, just before lockdown came to an end. Bill was a whirlwind of social action and well known locally. I have no doubt that at any other time he would have had a great party to say goodbye to everyone, and a funeral in a heaving church. In lockdown, this tribute is the closest we could come. It’s the first time Angelina has let anyone hear one of her compositions since she was a teenager!

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