Got Your Back, written by Rosanna Schura, arranged by Caroline Radcliffe, and performed by Jackdaws Songbirds

Submitted by: Caroline R.

Original Song

From Rosie: about the song – these are all real memories from my childhood growing up in Devon. It’s a nagging reminder to a friend that we are bonded by these experiences – no matter how far life may seem to push us apart.

from Caroline: Rosie runs singing groups for parents and children which take place in care homes. All ages singing and playing together. A couple of years ago she sent me a video about the group, and she’d used a recording she’d made of this song as the soundtrack. The song grabbed me and wouldn’t let go!

I run 3 choirs and this song is one of our most well-loved. The words speak to everyone, and the tune is understated but gets under your skin. We can’t wait until we can all get back together and sing it in groups of more than 6!

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