Fifty years - Kate Doubleday

Submitted by: Kate D.

Fifty Years is a song about the village people of Borth, Ceredigion and their relationship to the sea. The village is situated on a small strip of land that lies between the sea and Cors Fochno ( the bog) and was historically a fishing village. When I first came to Borth in 2010, local people talked to me about the time they thought that Borth would survive sea level rises. Since then sea defences have been constructed to deter the effects of Climate change. In this song I recall the different villagers voices and the power of the sea they and I live close to.

Kate Doubleday -Vocals
Dan Wilkins – Guitar
Trevor Lines – Double bass, Ukulele
Marie Smith – Cello
Jamie Smith – Accordion
Recorded and mixed by Martin Levan -Red Kite Studio

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