European Howl by Agent Starling

Submitted by: Agent S.

Original Song

European Howl by Agent Starling

European Howl is an ode to being European, a call for connection in today’s isolationist climate.

“To cross boundaries I welcome you into my home, with freedom to be part of the whole, exploring independent souls. Drink in the difference, make it your own, nurture distinction, take it back home.
Let it be joyous, together we stand, with the freedom to be part of the whole of the land.
With freedom to share, breath in new air, music and spices, language and art, fashions and buildings, dancing ideas, games and traditions, poems and friends, our culture is yours it’s not where it ends.
Look, the lone wolf is slipping back in time, howling at the moon.
Look at the waves, lapping our shores, the very same water that flows … over yours.”

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