Dystopian Dream - Julian Lines

Submitted by: Julian L.

Original Song

I wrote this shortly after the ‘first lockdown’ it encapsulates what I was feeling at the time.
This track was originally a different style of track, but I wanted to try a more Indietronica / glitch beat. I sent it to my Brother to see if he could come up with a few drum ideas. He accidently halved the bpm and did some beats that were half the speed of my original drums. After listening to it for a while I decided this was the way to go and completely re-wrote the whole track to match that beat. And it just all fell into place.
Funnily enough that is how evolution works humans and virus’s evolve that way, there are mistakes in gene replication (mutant genes) and some of these mistakes prove to be very beneficial. Which in turn takes us a full circle as this is what this track is about!

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