'Breathe' by Diesel Keys featuring India Button

Submitted by: Diesel K.

Original Song


I started writing ‘Breathe’ when my stepfather was struggling with cancer. It was about feeling trapped in a bed, and trying to draw on positive youthful memories to help find some inner strength for a final surge of life.

The week after his funeral in March 2020, the country went into lockdown. As the death rate started to mount and the lack of ventilators was the pressing issue, the lyrics suddenly took on a new significance:

“Breathe – or the game is over and nobody won
Breathe – taking heart from memories of when I was young
Breathe – feel the air in my lungs”

I recorded a demo version for my mum and I think she found some solace in it. Later in 2020, India Button added a beautiful vocal to create the final version. I hope maybe others can take some comfort from it too.

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