Songwriting tips from Rukus

DJ, rapper, musician and artistic director of Baby People, Rukus, has been commissioned to write a new song for Derbyshire. Here, Rukus offers 3 songwriting tips for budding songwriters.


When writing I tend to think melody first, usually a few simple chords first then literally ‘scatting’ and just ‘vibing’ around until I find something that sticks or ‘feels’ good. I would record that and depending where I am it would be either my phone or in the booth if I’m in my studio. Songs or melodies can come anytime. Sometimes in the most random places.

Once the melody is strong, you are already ‘in the game’ so to speak.  After that is when I then start to work out what I actually want to say, this leads nicely onto tip two.


When writing on a specific subject matter or title what I like to do is create a bank of words (sometimes the music will determine this) that may come in handy once this part of the writing process comes into play. By writing ANY words, phrases or paragraphs that come to mind down on a piece of paper that are inspired by the title/subject matter or piece of music.

Words inspire other words and before you know it you have a full page if not more of various words you can refer to or use to start your song or inspire you when you get stuck.


I believe music is a feeling and a connection so goes deeper than just the words so when creating try and let the process be as organic as possible. So when writing don’t force it, if a line does not fit or you can’t work out what to say at the particular part…leave it! Come back to it another time. Don’t overthink it…some of the most beautiful songs are the most simplest…make your song evoke some sort of feeling for the listener.

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