Memory Box (The Radio Song) – lyrics by JJ PARKI

Looking for a musical collaborator!



Hi all at A Song For Us.

I’m JJ PARKI, songwriter/lyricist, and I am looking for a singer/vocalist & musicians/producers to bring my lyrics to life. ‘Memory Box(The Radio Song)’ is a homage to (then) modern-day music; watching TOTP and listening into the Top 40 weekly… which still exists to an extent in nostalgia playlists on several music video channels.

The melody I imagine for this collaboration is lively, catchy and annoying! Quite a unique style, and a quirky sound is just what this song needs.
I´m not short of collaborations, however I have not yet worked with a group/musicians with a funky/quirky style, which is what I’m looking for with this collaboration.

(Submitted into the United Kingdom Songwriting Contest 2020. Awarded 4 out of 5 stars & Commended Entry.)



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